Oleum is committed to sustainability, and we know that our clients are as well.

sustainabilityWe are fully committed to embedding sustainability throughout all of our business operations. We have a number of environmental management programs in place, all of which influence our systems, policies and procedures.

We strive to continually improve our understanding of the scope and extent of the environmental resources that our business operations use, our emissions, and the impact that we have on the environment around us.

We also believe that sustainability is measured in various ways. It is not simply about the energy and water that we use, but also encompasses the way in which our operations affect others. That is why Oleum is responsible as an employer, a manufacturer, and as a service provider, across criteria as diverse as economic impact, human rights, and product stewardship.

Oleum is committed to operating in the most environmentally responsible manner possible, by:

  • Monitoring and improving our environmental management systems
  • Complying with all legal obligations
  • Conducting all business operation activities in the most environmentally responsible manner possible, with the objective of minimising any adverse environmental impact
  • Preventing air, water, and all other types of pollution
  • Handling, storing, transporting and disposing of all chemical products in the safest, most environmentally conscious manner possible
  • Providing environmentally responsible solutions to clients
  • Monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance on a regular basis

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