Roads & Asphalt

At Oleum, we’re committed to developing innovative solutions that allow our clients’ roads, parking lots, and driveways to look their best while extending the life of these valuable assets. Oleum is proud to offer a range of products that can help you achieve your goals.

Asphalt is an important construction material used in road pavement, and we work with the asphalt industry to improve the quality of asphalt products. Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen, aggregate, and additives. Bitumen is the most important component, which provides resistance to weathering and aging. The type of aggregate used can affect both the strength and life of asphalt pavement.

We also manufacture chemicals that are used in the production of rubber tyres, which improves the durability and life span of these important products.

  • Ecofoam Bitumen Foaming Agent: Oleum specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of Ecofoam Bitumen Foaming Agent, which is used for road repair and resurfacing. The key chemicals in asphalt are produced using surfactants and their derivatives, which contribute to better performance as road pavement by enhancing key factors such as durability or surface resistance.

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