Water Treatment

Water is a key ingredient in all industries. The quality and availability of water, as well as its management and use, are issues that concern many businesses. Oleum prides itself on its skills and experience in a multitude of water treatment chemicals.

Oleum is a leading supplier of water treatment chemicals. Our range of water treatment products is designed to help Australian businesses meet their obligations and protect the environment, while also helping them to save money by reducing waste.

Our team has the expertise and knowledge required to provide customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions that are tailored specifically to their individual needs. Oleum offers a range of water treatment chemicals that can reduce water consumption through improved efficiency and recycling.

  • Phosphonates are multi-functional metal ion control agents. They are widely used in water treatment because they can remove hardness, control corrosion and scale formation, prevent fouling by metal ions, and enhance the removal of colour and odour. The broad range of characteristics and functions that make phosphonates useful to a wide variety of industries includes their use in cooling water, boiler water, detergents, and cleaners at oil fields or pulp mills.
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats) are a group of chemicals used for a variety of purposes including preservatives, surfactants, disinfectants, and sanitisers. Quats are compounds that have antimicrobial properties effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi, plus other non-virus microorganisms. Quats can be effective at eradicating the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19. Quats added to swimming pools, hot tubs and public fountains can be used to disinfect water and prevent algae.
  • Caustic and Sodium Hypochlorite is often used in wastewater treatment to raise the pH of water, for water purification on a large scale. It oxidises and removes organic matter, reduces the concentration of mineral salts, and helps to fight corrosion. It is also used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant in industries such as paper, textiles, and agriculture.

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