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Oleum is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of raw materials and chemicals that are used within the Australian Textiles and Leather industries, with a product range including dyestuffs, pigments, defoamers, and other specialty chemicals.

Our extensive range of textile and leather solutions has been designed to help companies improve their business practices and contribute to a more sustainable future for our country. Expect high-performance options that meet industry standards, particularly those related to quality, durability, and longevity.

Oleum supplies dyestuffs, pigments, and defoamers to manufacturers Australia-wide. We understand the applications of these products and strive to supply the highest quality products to our customers.

  • Dyestuffs are available in a variety of colours and are widely used in textiles and leather. They are available in natural or synthetic compounds that are dissolved in water or alcohol, which can be applied to fabrics, paper, leather, and other textile materials.
  • Pigments are insoluble compounds used in a wide array of products, including paints, inks, plastics, leather, and textiles. Pigments can be natural or synthetic in origin, and they come in a variety of forms including powder, liquid, and solid. Pigments are one of the most common colourant additives because they improve the appearance and durability of a product.
  • Defoamers are products that help reduce and prevent the formation of foam in industrial processes. A defoamer is considered an insoluble compound with surface-active properties that reduce the viscosity of foams. It destabilises the foam by creating an affinity to the surface. This results in the air bubbles being split up, and the surface foam breaking down.

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