Manufacturing Services

As well as supplying some of the world’s leading chemical brands, Oleum has access to advanced manufacturing facilities of its own.

ManufacturingServicesWe are able to combine our in-depth industry knowledge with our advanced technological capabilities to create solutions that fulfil the needs of our clients. It is our custom manufacturing capabilities that allow us to implement various processes to create innovative, cost-effective products that benefit our clients. We can even offer full-service upscaling, taking your formulation from the laboratory stage, right through to full commercial production.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their chemical manufacturing and processing objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, whether it’s long-term production contracts or simply a temporary contract to work through a backlog.

With an accurate, detailed project management system in place, as well as numerous quality control measures, you can rest assured that your chemical manufacturing or processing project will be implemented with the best possible levels of consistency and safety.

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