Oleum combines its extensive know-how and industry expertise to create a range of high-performing colourants that are sure to impress. All our colourants are designed to meet the growing needs of industry, particularly when it comes to sustainability, durability and longevity. Our range includes the Oleum Blue and Red Liquids, as well as Rhodamine B 500.

Colourants are used in a whole range of industries, however ours are primarily used in Agricultural dye markers and sprays.

Generally speaking, colourants are usually either dyes or pigments. The difference between the two classes is that dyes are soluble, organic compounds, which are most commonly applied to textiles. Pigments, on the other hand, are insoluble compounds and can be used in paint, ink, ceramic and plastics.


Oleum’s Range of Colourants

Oleum Blue Liquid
This liquid Acid dyestuff is used as a food dye as well as in the sanitary and agricultural industries.

Oleum Red Liquid
This Direct Red liquid dyestuff has a range of uses and applications, particularly in Agriculture.

Rhodamine B 500
This particular colourant is often used as a tracer dye in its concentrated form. It can be placed in water in order to determine flow rates and directions. It is also widely used in the Agricultural industry and we are able to provide and number of strengths and tailored blends to meet the needs of our client.

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