Research and Development

Here at Oleum, we believe that research and development is vital to the ongoing growth and sustainability, not only of our business, but our clients’ businesses.

ResearchandDevelopmentWith rapidly increasing technological advancements across all industry sectors, one of the defining features of our global economy, we are committed to providing solutions, and to meeting the needs of our clients by applying the latest technological advancements.

Clients often turn to Oleum to undertake research and development into improving an existing product, boosting efficiencies in services or process efficiencies, or for the development of a new product. Regardless of the objective, we are committed to leveraging our research and development capabilities to provide value to your business.

Our director John Lemanis is experienced and well known within the Australian chemical industry for his practical, hands-on approach when it comes to developing creative and cost-effective solutions to difficult problems.

Oleum takes a number of factors into consideration in all its research and development, including:

  • Solutions responsive to industry needs
  • Meeting customer requirements and demands
  • Ease and efficiency within the manufacturing process
  • Cost effectiveness

Our research and development projects are always based on the following process, which has proven to be highly successful, time and time again:

  • Basic research, in order to attain a better understanding of the issue.
  • Applied research, with the objective of using knowledge of a specific commercial application and relating it to our product range and services.
  • Development, during which our applied research is transformed into a commercially viable product or service that better fulfils our clients’ needs.

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