Technical Support

Have you ever had to call a chemical company to ask them for advice on how to use one of their products, or even what type of product would best suit your specific needs? If you have, chances are the experience wasn’t overly helpful, and may have even left you feeling more confused than you were to begin with. Luckily, Oleum is here to help.

techsupportWe believe in fostering long-term, collaborative partnerships with all of our clients. By purchasing your chemical products from Oleum, you have access to advice from leading global manufacturing partners we partner with.

Our manufacturing partners can provide a full range of technical support, including:

  • How to use and apply our products
  • How to store our products safely and securely
  • Advice on which products will best suit your needs
  • Process improvement advice

Our technical support team is on-hand to keep your factory or laboratory running as smoothly as possible. As a leader in the Australian chemical supply market, it is our team that researchers and technicians turn to whenever they need advice.

How to Contact Oleum’s Technical Support Team

Our friendly experts are always more than happy to help. To contact our technical support team: